The Holy Spirit - Espiritu Santo - Documentary

There is something happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina. People all around the world are coming to the secret places looking to experience the Holy Spirit, spiritual awakening, unique energy, healing and to meet Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.

There are extraordinary places as Medjugorje where The Virgin Mary, called the Lady of Medjugorje appeared. Millions of pilgrims are making their way to gatherings on the site ever since. Many discover here a new connection to God and strengthen their Spirituality. Some find Healing.

There are Bosnian pyramids and tunnels, highly energetic places with healing properties. The Bosnian pyramid of Visoko is emitting an electromagnetic Energy beam. There are measured frequencies and negative ions with healing properties in the ancient tunnel complex. And there are mysterious stone balls all around Bosnia and Herzegovina. Secret ancient places, highly energetic and of unknown origin. Esotericas connect here with the Universe, experience epiphany, healing and Spiritual Awakening.

We won’t engage in discussions or try to prove or disprove the appearance of Virgin Mary or Bosnian Pyramids. We just want to document and present to the world these extraordinary places, the people and their experiences.


Where is Medjugorje?

Medjugorje is a place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is Virgin Mary's Apparition Hill.

How do I get to Medjugorje?
It is best to fly to Mostar and from there drive about 27 km by rental car, taxi or bus.

Where is Bosnian pyramid?

The Bosnian pyramid is in Visoko, a town about 30 km from Sarajevo.

How do I get to Visoko?
It is best to fly to Sarajevo and from there take a rental car, taxi or bus.